Remove the obstacle
Discover the opening
Bear the blessing
Clear the messing
With a sagacious
State of mind

Hum chum chum

Discard the panic
Inclinometer for a heart
Measures the positive
And negative slopes
Leave the clock
Relax the time
The door will slide
Unlock decide
Unmeasured hopes

If a tree
Falls down
In front of thee
Overturned roots
Brightly on the screen
Of cinematic life
Find a way
Not under or
But over

Hum chum chum

Don’t be jostled
Wake up for what you believe in
Even at the cost of your life
Is this the life you would
Choose to live if
It’s not yours?
Stand up!

The fruit of knowledge
Overcomes anger
When the sun disappears
It reminds us to worship
What was taken
Forgive and sing
For a return
Be blatant

Hum chum chum

What if the moon
Refused to take the place
Of the fire in the sky?
It would not finish what it started
Her journey will not hide

Gravity is
The endless cycle
It requires
Attendance every sunrise
What pleasured resilience!

Do not be undermined
By any other space designed
To prevent you
Or resent you
From your greatest self

Hum chum chum