Why can’t it be easy
What would we learn
If this was true?
What if we were only here
Absorbing nothing
That was new?

The obstacles
In front of us
Are opportunities
To breathe
In ways that open us
To fruitful
Endless possibilities

Thriving I push forward
Asking for a way
To learn the utmost
From this earthly
Gift of life in which
We play

Thinking beyond struggle
Fighting for a place
Remembering go forward
In a spontaneous embrace

Don’t hold back
There’s only one chance
That we have to
Break on through
Don’t be discouraged
By the little things
That blind you
From your

The mountain is quite beautiful
When you make it to the top
The view is unlike any
From the bottom
Of the rock

To seek discomfort
Is to gain the power of
A deep terrain
Full of answers
You’ll take with you
In ethereal domain

Think of hard times
Like a case of hidden
Mysteries that need
A grand unfolding of
Beholding what great powers
Could achieve

Every milestone that you cross
Every footpath that you take
Cannot be easy
Lest we would never
Know just how to

What will one day be the honor
Of enlisting all this knowledge
Is still unknown to all
Until we close our eyes
One final time
Transcending into
Valiant soul

When we proclaim
And put in place
The steps to shoot
From star to star
The map reveals
An atlas drawn
For each of us to find
Our way