If I should die before I wake
You give me love and without wait
I feel Your arms stretch round my waist
In every chambered part
My beating heart You quake

The moon could rise where sun should be
And yet for all eternity
I would not question why this light
Is given opposite of night
For I am Yours
And You are mine

There are wings that form a vapored kiss
On either side of my abyss
And with this I find holiness
And with this I become what with
Your spirit would blow grace upon
In flowerbeds of dusk and dawn

My open heart like sunset breathes
Upon the ocean of Your trees
Inspired by what tomorrow brings
Even if stifled by my dreams
I learn I sing I learn I lead
Dearheart I am Your wild being

Awake I will before I die
Always again my pulse resides
Living between two worlds with You
I rest within Your twilights truth


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