Each day that passes by
Each moment that I find myself
Inside the waves of existence I am
Standing beside what could be and
Everything that is a burning part of me

Each breath that I take in
Every second that a friend
Is thinking of me and feeling
The love that I was sent here to
Give I am alive in a new way evolving
Each and every day but not without the
Light that shines within me upon my birth

I know of darkness
I know of brightness
I understand the lack of
Sight that is obscured by
What the world attempts to take

In every heart beat that escapes
The cage in which my chest creates
I grow much closer to the space my spirit
Once would generate through outer space

Waking up knowing
The constellation is a key
A map for all eternity to bring
Me home and to assure what I believe
That we are here to love each other endlessly…


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