The words flow
Poetry is
I’m apologetic if
I overreact
Become too me
Love is the same

Crazy about life
Roller coaster capable
No time frame for any work
That could ask me
To take it on

Each experience
Should be beautiful
Why would I disturb this?
Dark moments
Bring the light out anyway

Giving something
I take the line
And the intention in between us
So abruptly
After creating it

Is it passive not to
Work this out with You?
I don’t want to disrupt the flow
Catch an undertow
I know you’re always there
Aren’t You

The only way to correct the past
Is to live in the present moment
You say

Hold on
No matter what is
Challenging your position
You say

Don’t let things happen
Avoid the drama
Choose emotionally
Balanced and calm approach
You say

Have grace under pressure
Rather than being there then
Be here now

For You I am