Is it wishful thinking
To hope you’ll come back changed

Less looming
Less overhanging
Less smothering

Am I just a dreamer
To think you’ll realize that
Your behavior overwhelms
Me from the inside

I have so much to share
I have so much to give
I have so many that are there
To support the life I’m in

My own conviction
Is my defeat
In what allows your energy
To travel up my feet
Into my body
Where I live

A body that does not belong to you
A body that belongs to Spirit
And Spirit would not ask
Me to take on the words you serve

I shall instead
Take on what holy waters flow
To quench what I deserve

Focus on light
Focus on God
Focus on might

So maybe it’s too much to wish
Your evolution would take place
I know the only person I can change
Is the one who wears
My face