Beneath the infinite shadow of dying grace
Hides a light of illustrious will
Hearts that glow in the shade
Grow in the shade
They know how to protect their
Spirits from the burning
Bonfire of chaos

As they render
As their leaves unfold
As the many branches of their souls
Spread out into the darkness filled with
Love shaped thoughts beating ten fold

We behold

The deeper the cut the greater the hole
In which to fill it with love more and more
The harder you hit me
The stronger I am
The worse that you treat me
The better I become

Take what you will
Abduct my passion at night, but
Be prepared with the dawn
To be met with a fight
An army of me
A masterful scheme
A magnum opus treaty
A battalion exploding
With infinite

No second guessing
No silent confessing
No longer oppressing
The silver lined seams

Lightworkers unite
Take my hand stand beside me
In this army of dreams
Image blend | The Terry Tree


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