Reveal yourself to the universe
Authenticity is calling out to you
Upright revelations are vibrating
With sincere waves of openness
Self imposed faith is pure devotion
Entering into the ocean of your spirit

I dare you to unleash your integrity
Be the loyal friend to yourself
That you deserve, let your light shine
Comfort every nerve with the stability
Of your ability to love yourself
Unlike you ever have

Find the pale truth within you
Like a blank canvas crying out
Paint me with the genuine honesty
Of a child be it chaos be it wild
Be it soft like petals
Be it quiet be it

Give yourself the permission you deserve
To love every curve of your exquisite being
Bring it to the surface and celebrate
The gift of your honor

Hold it for awhile like a newborn
Feel it rise into an everlasting smile
Now plant this in the garden of your heart
Don’t forget to water it
Like a morning kiss
From a dew filled sky
Never say


Image | hdwallpapers.cat


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