Instigator of life
She who carried us
She who is the ground
Beneath our feet

You are in everything
You are in me
You are the sunlight
You are the sea
You are the lungs
That help us breathe

With me everywhere I walk
In every face that passes by
In every tree and every stone
The memories I have of home
In every moment that my eyes
Meet the horizon of your sky

Thank you for giving life to me
Thank you for generosity
You gave up many things for me to be
The child of light that you believed
Would one day be
Something the universe
Received as a

Mother Divine
Mother Earth
Mother of Birth
Mother to all of us
You give us wings
To stretch beyond
What we believe
We are capable
Inside ourselves
To be

Thank you for giving life to me
May I return this love to thee
In whatever way
That you may need

To every mother
I write these words
Ever so grateful
For what I’ve learned
As a child in your grace

For what you’ve taught me
Mother of being
Mother of healing
Mother of living light
Mother of giving sight

Today, tomorrow
Morning and night
With your strength
I feel my spirit
Taking flight

Image | motherearth.jpg


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