P R O J E C T I N G  L O V E

This Sunday, February 22, 2015 from 2-4 PST- Pacific Standard Time, I will be meditating for all of my loved ones, and if you are reading this that means you. I will be asking for good health and longevity in your life. I will be asking for doorways of forgiveness to open in your path and to remove anything that is blocking you from receiving the gifts that are yours to accept, receive and enjoy as you journey along your soul path. This does not require that you do anything other than to be aware that I am praying and meditating for you. During this time know that I am projecting love for you and all of your loved ones, including animals in your life, specifically requesting that you may receive the knowledge, patience, healing and strength that you need in order to move towards the life that you have always intended in your heart.

swirling feather

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