Step into my heart
Stretch Your wings out wide
Pushing out the edges 
From every rounded side
Of my everything

Every corner of this journey
Is a hallway 
Leading to You

You are the X
That marks my spot
The map to every galaxy within us

Breathe Your breath of fire
Into these lungs that long
To embrace You with an air 
Of pure desire and quiet folds
In waves of ocean light
That unwrap hollow despair
Surfacing secret pearls

May my hands be Your companions
In every plant my fingers touch
On every head and every soul
That stands before Your patient door
I know nothing more than to 
Receive the floodgates of Your love

I empty myself out and beckon
The echoes of universal compassion
Forever flowing motion towards
Streams of enchantment
The steps that lead me to Your
Eternal forgiving entrance

I paint the edges gold in light
I am the rapture of Your devotion
And You are the infinite treasure
Buried deep within me
As all invisible forces call
To be believed in
Believe in me

You are buried treasure in my chest
What power beyond You measure
Your remarkable ability to see
This life within me is beyond what I 
Can imagine to conceive
Even in my dreams

We are the instrument of Your
Divine sweeping

Into the earth and back again
Resting at the foot of Your tree
In the heart of Your sea
We are whatever You would honor us to be
And You are the buried treasure
That strums the strings
Of our mystical harmony

Riches of priceless worth
Jewels of spiritual reserve
The nest egg of a treasure trove
Residing in the center of our everything
May the lips of my heart sing
A prayerful lullaby to You tonight

Rest in me peacefully knowing
I will never run out on Your glowing
And when I wake with You 
Each morning…

Step into my heart
Stretch Your wings out wide
Pushing out the edges 
From every rounded side
Of my everything
And I will sing
To You


Image Blend | The Terry Tree

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