Your bones
Are the manifestation of stars
Your blood
Beholds the many streams that course
Across the plateaus of life
An incredibly magical force

Your hands
Are as big as the mountains
Your feet
Dance to the rhythm of infinite love
You are the roots of ancient trees
Emotional stability and spiritual harmony
Rest in the valley of every
Crevice of your soul
You are whole

Embrace yourself and these moments of life
Nothing is real unless you believe it
Open your heart and unlock the strength
That you need to receive it

As the center of the universe
You are
The wind and thunder of heaven
Conceived in a miracle of illumination
Your body, mind and spirit are
Open to all possibilities
Your valley of knowledge
Glows peacefully beneath the sky
From morning until midnight
Your breath
Breathes clouds of hope
In the dark
And in the light

You will be remembered
When you
See the love in their eyes
You will
Feel the love in your heart
When you realize

You are the perfect beginning
To every step that you take
Standing where you are
Filled with joy
Footprints you make
Free from resentment

You are by far
Made in the image
Of an exquisite reflection
The ultimate exception and
I love you
As you


Image Blend | The Terry Tree


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