I cannot answer questions
I know not answers to
But I can paint the truth
Flower flame red for you

Come with me…

Dancing in a crimson grace
A hypnotic blaze of petals
In a circle that worships light

We are the memory of red
A rhumba in your head
A bonfire in your chamber
The stitch of every silken
Thread in the flowerbed
Of your heart

The absence of blue
The absence of sadness

I am the yellow passion
That calls upon you

We write the stories to our fairytale
Together we swing in strokes of fire
That once were blue
Transformed into
Golden hot orange hues

With Winter I will keep you warm
In Spring behold the sparks we’ve found
Summer will reflect our fever
And Fall will resonate our sound
With blossoms of praise

For endless days…

I will be the burning flower in your ship
Sailing into your cloudscape
Imagination paradise
Dragonflies compose the pulse
That ancient butterflies will drum

As we hum to the beat of our desires
Burning heartthrob wildfires

Together we are…

Clapping in our thankful love
Sending grateful rhythms out
Beyond the stars above


Image | Vladimir Kush


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