Blue light, blue key, blue heart
Blue nighthawk silver dream
Return to me

Hold close the memory
Of stories we have shared between our eyes
With sacred talons

Turn the latch, unlock the gates
Do not forget your way back to our gaze
Before the night becomes too late
The nest, the doorframe of our dawn
We call a home awaits

Sprinkled starlight cast like dew
Beams upon the shoulder blue
Of every slope and hilltop
In the beautiful illusion of our youth
As we grow older

Hold tight your lantern
I’ll find refuge in our tree

A lighthouse burning beacon gleams
Awakened lucid in my dreams
A signal whispered bright with wings
Flutters within me

But quietly without you
O so dimly

Stardust burns bright leaving
A trail of moonlit rocks
To sky your way

Back to the lesson you are teaching
Spirit will guide you carefully
I’m listening


Image | Nighthawk | Eric Fan


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