I have only one
One perfect
One Divine

Other people
Spirits on earth
Creatures of your creation
Will get me through
This path of life
As I am walking closer to You
They are not You
These are my angels
That see me through
The darkest nights
Of the soul
They carry me over into
The arms of You
As we carry each other
On waves of
Love and
Light to

One Perfect
The One Divine
My favorite ladder to climb
My favorite tree in the sunlight
My favorite twisting beanstalk vine
My favorite hill beneath the moonlight
Everyday I pray
To know You
To know myself
To know the glowing truth
That beats from Your
Silently echoing celestial heart

Thank You for the friendships
You have blessed me with
Thank You for teaching me
To be gentle with

Teach me when to know
Opening my hand
Opening my mind
Opening my heart
Opening my soul and letting go
Is Your will as Your will is mine
In death and in life
Dreaming and alive
One Perfect
One Divine


Image | Tree at the Edge of the Universe | Rusty Russ


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