Drink From the Cup of Unconditional Love

Open your heart and
Drink from the cup
Of unconditional love

You are a star in the heart of the Universe
Divine Mother aches to restore you
Feel her endless stream of love sent to relieve
Any wounds or self rejection you may have

Let your worry and your doubt flow and fly out
Accept what is true and holy about you
Stand tall and strong in what you believe
Do not allow others to take this away from you

You are loved unconditionally by Nature
Mother Divine and all of the Ancient Sages
You are adored and cradled by the Universe
You are special in the eyes of so many unknown to you

Though the world may be unconscious
Of how it affects you please know
God, your Infinite Truth, your most Powerful Being
Your ultimate source of love is always with you

Set the birds of love that fly around
In your sacred secret heart free
Spread the wings of your love far and wide
Open your unconditional arms of love
To embody the truth of who you are

To be understood as you understand
To be loved as you love
To be loved and
To be love

To be


Image | The Orion Nebula located at a distance of 1,350 light years from Earth | astronoo.com


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