Egyptian Hymn to Lord of All

The Greatest in Heaven,
The Higher on Earth,
Lord of All,
Maker of men, Creator of beasts
Lord of All, Creator of fruitful trees
He Who makes grass to grow, Feeder of cattle
Supreme Creator of the whole Earth
Thou Who have uplifted the Sky,
Thou Who have stretched the Earth.

Thy Love pervades the Earth,
Beloved art Thou as Thou pass through the Two Lands,
As Thou send forth rays from Thy two Beautiful Eyes.
The Dead are rapturous with delight when Thou shine.
Thy beams arise, and men are cheered by Thy rising,
The cattle toddles in joy before Thy beams when Thou shine in full power
Beloved art Thou when Thou art in the Southern Sky,
And Thou art esteemed Lovely when Thou art in the Northern Sky.
Thy Beauties takes possession of and carry away all hearts,
And the Love for Thee subdues all,
Thy Beautiful Form makes the hands to tremble,
All hearts are pacified at beholding Thee.

The One maker of all things,
Creator and Maker of beings,
From Whose eyes mankind proceeded,
From Whose mouth the Gods were created,
Maker of grass for the cattle,
Maker of fruitful trees for men
Causing the fishes to live in the river,
Causing the birds to fill the air,
Giving breath of life to those in the egg,
Feeding the birds that fly,
Giving food to the birds that perch,
Giving food to the creeping and the flying beings equally,
Providing food for the rats in their holes,
Feeding the flying beings living on trees.
Hail to Thee for all these things,
The One alone with many hands,
Lying awake while all men lie asleep,
He Who seek out the good of His creatures,

“Salutations to Thee” is in all their voices,
“Glory be to Thee for Thy mercy upon us,
Thanks be to Thee while Thou create us”.
“Hail to Thee” say all the wild beasts,
“Glory be to Thee” says every foreign land
From the height of Heaven, to the breadth of the Earth,
To the depths of the sea,
Thou art praised,
The Gods adore Thy Majesty
And They exalt the Glory of Their Creator,
Jubilating before Thee, Their begetter

They say-
“Welcome in peace, oh Father of the Fathers of all the Gods,
Who raises the Heaven and Who fixes the Earth,
Maker of beings, Creator of existences,
Life, Health and Strength to Thee, King and Chief of the Gods,
We worship Your glory as Thou create us,
We praise You as Thou have fashioned us,
We sing Hymns to Thee on account of Your mercy on Us”.

Egyptian Hymn to Lord of All | text via: https://amentetneferet.wordpress.com/thelibrary/hymns-and-prayers/

Image | Egyptian Wall Painting

The two figures on the right are said to be the only two existing Egyptian figures that were painted from a frontal perspective. All of the others, like the woman on the left, are painted from a side perspective | via: http://shelbyhughes.weebly.com/ancient-egypt.html


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