(A dedication In fond memory of my grandmother Rosemma Stanley
And all grandmothers that have inspired us to be…)


Pink and gold-like dust
Falls and glitters
Swirls and drifts behind
My eyes
I can still hear the
Soft sounds of your
Lullabies caressing
My ears
I can feel your
Hands wiping away
My tears

Your laughter echoes in
My mind and I can
Feel your love
Waft over me
A draft of
In waves of

Like a ballad
You are the hymn
That always hums
In my heart

There is a truth that I
Can believe in for
All time because of you
Now I know that Angels
Actually do exist
There is no question
In my mind
Your touch
Upon my

Above and beyond
You are
So Divine


You are the original
Lightworker of my life
You taught me how to
Stand up for my rights
You taught me how to sing
And what the joy of
Love can bring
You taught me not to judge
And how much that it can
Hurt to hold a grudge
You taught me
How to be the
Child of God
I am today

God enveloped you in ways
That poured out of you
Like rays of sunlight
Your giving spirit
Could reach
Into even
The darkest
Of dark

You will be remembered
For your ability to
Surrender to the
Holy Spirit

It will be recalled that you
Did not compromise your beliefs
Your faith could not be twisted
Your energy always uplifted
And you are with us
Every day

Showing us the way

As we are walking on the petals of
Your guidance we are
Listening to your message
You have given us a blessing
Your heart of gold
The story that you told
Unlike any other
You are the original
Blueprint of what one soul
Can do… Yes…


You are in me forever
To have and to hold
I will never know any other
Like you

I wish to be as brave as you
To fight for what I believe in too
We may not always get it
Exactly right but we will
Always be willing to try
Because of your light
We will fight to
Make it right

Did you know you were the love of my life?
When I look into the sky I can see your smile
Burning bright for the world to see
You are still with me
You are still in me
With every breath
I take
With every move
I make

I placed a single feather
In your hands pure white
To carry with you on your flight
When crossing over
As I kiss you on
Your forehead
This is not goodbye
For every end is just
The beginning
With you

May your journey
Bring you the peace
That your heart and soul
Deserve to receive
May you find your way back home
Safely into the arms of
Our creator
And when you meet with Spirit
Would you say one thing for me?
Would you thank God
For sending you
To me
Would you thank God
For creating such

Our Angel of all time
You loved me as I am
I can only hope to be
A small portion
Of how amazing
You have proven
We can be
And with
Your help
With your
I believe
I too

A messenger of love and light where
God can envelope me in ways that
Pour out as they did with you
Like rays of sunlight
A giving spirit that
Will outreach
Into even
The darkest
Of dark

May I be the gift that you were
Given to us to be
Gifted from God
Through you
To show others
Here on earth
How to see

To show those who need to feel
Accepted and
Loved as God
Taught you and
You taught


Image | Heart O’ Gold Grandiflora Rose | heirloomroses.com


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