No material possession in the Universe
Could bring forth the richness
I receive in the flame
I know to be as
Your love

The joy of my soul is consecrated in
Your ability to strengthen me
You are the courage that
Transcends all

My intuition and my will grasp onto truth
To beckon You, to wish for You
Is my immortal request
To be at rest with
Your existence

Your ever burning Cosmic Spirit enlightens
Holistic brevity in me, a manifestation
That embraces nature ever
So ardently, with waves
Of ocean light

I have known You all my life my great protector
My thoughts about You cannot exist without
The intoxicating reality of Your love
Prayer and meditation bring
Me closer unto You

Without the pleasure of making others happy
Sharing the Divine blessing of Your peace
I would not know that I am
With You and that You
Are here with me

To understand You is to erect a temple of flowers
In Your name, to know You is to plant a tree
Inside my heart, make me Your vessel in
That I might share Your Spirit through
My words both day and night

I offer You my humble heart a papyrus in which
To scribe onto the blue horizon bonfire of the
Dawn with You my guide, Your prolific
Message for all time both
Infinite and Wise

You are my maker, my creator, my beautiful
Initiator I share my love for Thee in every
Single heartbeat, every corner of the
World, every intelligence of
Pearl, I am Yours


Image | wallpaperpics.net


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