Surround yourself with love and light
Embrace the darkness with the bright
God will help you to decide
Stretch your branches far and wide
Pray to Spirit “Lift Me Up!”
Divine Mother “Hold Our Trunks!”
Roots are growing endlessly
Friends surrounding peacefully
We breathe love in, We blow love out
Our tree is blowing flowers about
Around and round we chant to you
We feel your Spirit coming through
May we be blessed with family
As relatives in harmony
Show us O Lord that we may be
On earth as heaven graciously
May we join hands as One and see
Your vision for our Unity
Your sparkle is our family tree
Your eyes are stars that beam and gleam
We are the children of your dreams
You are in all our limbs and leaves
Our eyes reflect your shining gaze
One to another for endless days


Image | imagur.com


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