From the moment we leave the earth
As we left heaven on our birth
All the stars still carried on
Swallow sang her merry song
The planets orbits did not stop
Snow still covered mountain top
Why then worry if all things
Bright and beautiful still sing?

Everyone needs to let go
Of worries clouding inner hope
Silence of mind can be attained
When concentration is sustained
Maintaining thoughts of joy and bliss
Self-imposed doubt is now dismissed
Positive thoughts morning and night
Negative thoughts pushed out of sight
At least one minute at at time
Instill pure peace within your mind

If you are worried mentally
Relax your brain entirely
Picture a happy place to be
Visualize it pleasantly
Watching the movie screen inside
A cinema of joyous life
As you are taken far away
From this unnecessary pain
Forget your woes entirely
Allow your consciousness to breathe

Become a cosmic super wave
Free from all habits that will drain
Discourage thoughts of money, fame
Disengage as a human frame
Step by step identify
Union with Spirit as you rise
Do not become so hypnotized
Limited by human distraught
For we are truly one with God
Energy flows in every part
From head to toe, veins, flesh and heart

Cast away all restlessness
Concentrate and throw your breath
Calm the weariness that chokes
Invite the light that love evokes
A flash-lit path to health and peace
Is overflowing with release
Illuminated happiness
A powerful lighthouse success
Now guided by Divine spotlights
Behold this magnificent sight
You are a conduit unto
That which Divine flood passes through

An Affirmation to repeat:

I am so quietly awake
I am awake so quietly
I am the King of all perspectives
I am the Queen of inner peace
I sit upon a throne of patience
I can direct my thoughts with ease
I am more than this human body
I am with God eternally


Image | via: New Heaven On Earth


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