A Daily Affirmation

The world is my home, I will take care of it. My life is precious, I will choose not to create additional burdens for myself by trying to fulfill a cup that is already so full. I will choose not to follow desires that are useless to my life. I know that happiness can be found only when I let go of these desires. I will not be passive. I will not follow my ego. I will maintain a prosperous attitude and smile. I will not be sad because of my financial position on earth. My success comes directly from God.

I will monitor the kind and quality of people with whom I associate. I will monitor the quality of the books I read and listen to. I will monitor the quality of my time spent daily. I will monitor my influence upon myself, my business associates, my close friends, my pets, and the world. I will not be enslaved by bad habits. I will resist thoughts which will lead me to bad habit-forming surroundings. I will be guided by good habits formed by cultivating healthy company and daily meditation. I will be guided by wisdom. With my free will I will adopt the good in everything.

I will neutralize my restless thought. Meditation and concentration will be applied only to knowing God. I will earnestly seek to awaken in God a consciousness where dual states of good and evil will vanish. I shall seek to know God first, last and all the time. I ask that my heart will become more pure by all-surrendering love daily. By the concentrated rays of my attention, I will burn away and destroy the roots of every difficulty that comes before me successfully by focusing the burning power of my attention on any problem. I will learn to attain mental control and use that power to accomplish spiritual miracles in my consciousness. Amen

Note: This is a Daily Affirmation that has been arranged and expressed from various teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada

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