Rhinoceros Spirit Animal

Spirit Rhinoceros reminds me that we must stand up for ourselves. This doesn’t mean we have to be rowdy about it, rather to make it known that we are capable of making our point without saying much at all. We must be strong and hold on to the people that truly inspire us to keep going with encouragement and love. We must protect those that are willing to do this for us and know that their return will offer up in us the same. These creatures are ancient and as the human race has yet to exist for 20 million years, we have a lot to learn from this age-old powerful beast.

Let us look more closely at everything around, because things are not what they seem. Are you seeing lack instead of abundance? Rhinoceros is here to remind you to appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. Stop and give thanks to the infinite miracles occurring in every moment of your life. Use your spiritual eyes, not your physical eyes to see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

If Rhinoceros is your Animal Totem, you are for the most part a solitary and wise person choosing to spend a great deal of time alone. You enjoy the comfort of your own company and are comfortable with yourself. You have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of your soul and have a lot to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part you are a self made success and an achievement seeking powerhouse in your chosen field. Being a workaholic is a natural part of who you are.

If Rhinoceros has come into your dreams, this suggests that you need to forge ahead toward your goals. Do not take “no” for an answer or let any obstacles sidetrack you from your destination. Alternatively if the Rhino is being aggressive or charging make sure that you are not getting carried away with your own ideas and intentions. Steamrollering your way through things is a very self defeating behavior. Discern what is real and what is not.

Note: Sadly these beautiful creatures are hunted for their horns for supposed medicinal purposes and the horns cost the same amount as gold on the black market. The horns are made of keratin which is the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails. Spread the word to save our precious Rhinos and eat your own hair and bite your own nails.

Spirit Rhinoceros

Twenty million years you have existed
Ancient are your ways, carried out for days
Even in birth sixteen to eighteen months consisted

You stand alone in bravery of age
Predators won’t cross, footing would be lost
Your power is of one to be amazed

Teaching us that solitary timing
Benefits us too, reminding how you
Spend your days so patiently on dining

The earth is your bed and has been always
Suiting you well, this your story to tell
Free from what man has made building hallways

We learn from you to push through and go on
Leading us through, what is infinite truth
Your soul abounding to bestow upon

Grunting and bellowing your presence known
Boundary protected, patrolled, directed
No one will be found threatening your home

Stand up in for what you truly believe
Too many to fight, find rest day and night
Pull those close to you who will not deceive

We are timeworn and primal like fossils
Daring to care and completely aware
Protection of our love is colossal

Be with us when we must move in a way
That makes us feel scared, feelings should be spared
No panic, no anxiety dismay

Wisdom to move past life’s ever obstacles
Our size matters not, for with you we’ve brought
A strength that to beat is impossible

Remind us to pray to all good things endowed
Spirit gives blessing, heart is confessing
Creating what our free will has allowed

Be with us mighty one when mistaking
May we never forget, we too have yet
A legacy like yours in the making

Though we may not understand why we’re here
Holy Spirit’s hand, reaches and expands
Guidance walks us on the path to adhere

Brilliant light shines, helping us to get past
The hurt and the pain, learning we sustain
Achieving a great wing span long at last


Photo | ipzoo.org

Intro Text Article | Reference : http://spirit-animals.com/rhinoceros/

Rhino Sounds | http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Rhinoceros_Sounds_audio


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