Saying Thank You

To say please and thank you. This is something many of us are taught at a young age but soon forget when we are around those who do not respect the power of these simple yet encouraging and empowering words.

I would like to say thank you to everyone here at The Terry Tree and all social media platforms, for your constant love and encouragement. Without this truly treasured connection that I have made with many of you, the inspiration that is shared here would be lost. Thank you for receiving my love and thank you for gifting me your wisdom and the experiences we all share here. We are blessed to know one another and to have found the light in each other that has cleared a path for us to see in this often dark and obsolete world.

With Continuous Unconditional Love & Light,


People who are generally happier got that way, at least in part, through gratitude.

Here are three simple steps to help anybody live more thankfully and to respond more authentically.

First, recognize WHEN a thankful response is appropriate. We take for granted too many of the things that we should be giving thanks for.

Second, spend a moment reflecting on how another’s thoughtfulness makes you feel. Be intentional about this.

Then third, from a sincere feeling of gratitude, give thanks. Say it. Write it. It doesn’t matter. But when you do, you will discover a side benefit – you are becoming a happier person.

– Steve Goodier | Photo | Brian Woolfey


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