Why would anyone force you to be something that you are not? Perhaps it’s because they want you to be what feels right and comfortable for them. This life is an opportunity for you to be true to your self and your soul; to do what feels right for you. You are a child of God, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother and Spirit. Unlike earthly parents, your spiritual parents will never judge you or disown you. You were created with a purpose to be loved forever.

Be who you are, who you were conceived to be. Do what feels right to you. Follow your nose, your gut, your heart and all of your senses. You will never be disappointed. In the end, if you have to point the finger of blame, it will be towards yourself. This is how we truly learn and grow, by making our own choices and our own mistakes.

What we take with us when we cross over, will be the lessons we have chosen to learn from and experience for ourselves. If we choose to learn from the lessons others have chosen for us we will surely have small wings.

Your wings are your own. How big would you like them to be? Everyday that you follow your soul path the bigger they will become, the wider they will expand and grow. Why limit yourself? Every feather like every hair on your head is yours. You will gain some, you will lose some. Build strong wings that are your very own to soar with. You will ascend and glide to heights far beyond every imaginable universal sky, ever conceived, into the arms of Spirit and light. Spread your love like your wings. Be true to your soul.


Photo | Swan Wings in the Sun | Sonja Starke


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