7 Proposals For Recovering From Emotional Damage

Emotional injuries can hurt us more than physical ones. It can be debilitating to move forward in life if you are experiencing an emotional injury. Although a physical injury will cause you to slow down, you may find yourself more capable of locating the strength from within to try harder and recover from a physical injury, as opposed to an emotional one that is preventing you from returning to your natural good-health-self.

I have learned from experience that no one can make us feel better like we can make ourselves feel better. Here are a few tips on how to recover from an emotionally damaging event.

1. Don’t Just Sit There

Be proactive about feeling better. If you cannot seem to muster the strength to go out of the house, at least find an activity that will support self-worth encouragement. Watch a funny movie, read or listen to a funny book, or just do a search for funny quotes on line. Laughter is the best medicine. Also look for supportive quotes around what you are experiencing emotional damage from.

2. Start An “I Am Beautiful Just Because” List

Find a notebook or, make an adventure out of it, and search for a little book that you can start writing down the things that people say to you that make you feel good inside. I have a wall where I frame and keep quotes as well, from people who have said very loving, encouraging things about me to me. It truly helps to be able to look at that wall when someone has said something hurtful that simply will not go away.

3. Be Generous With Your Tastebuds

Take time out to make your favorite meal, or pick up a bag of your best guilty pleasure. Mashed potatoes always seem to do the trick for me. If you are dieting you can also try plantains or cauliflower as a substitute. Whatever makes you feel better inside is the key. Comfort food is a great resource when nothing you do seems to help you forget harsh or cruel words.

4. Love Yourself

Literally. Get seated in a comfortable position. Start from your toes up to your calves and on to your legs, knees, stomach, heart, chest, shoulders, ears, face and head. Hug yourself, and as you stop in each area of your body, take a moment to say to yourself, or out loud. “I love you as you are. You are a beautiful and loving person. I am grateful to be who I am and I am loved.” With repetition you will begin to believe in your own self worth again.

5. Take Time Out For A Good Cry

Often times we overlook this very powerful gift that we have been given to release ourselves from emotional pain. Some mornings in meditation, I will listen to a favorite song about love and cry for all of the terrible things that are going on in the world. I make this an actual activity to release the anguish that I experience on a daily basis just from reading the news and viewing pictures of the horrid things ignorance can cause human beings to take part in. Take time out, undisturbed, and let your emotional tide roll out of you.

6. Call A Loved One

This is a pivotal choice we can make in taking a positive step forward in our destiny. By choosing to call someone who loves you and will not judge you, you are taking the first step in recognizing that you are truly loved and the awful things that were said to you have no bearing on who you are. The proof is in the call that you make to someone who loves you and reminds you of how incredible you are. Don’t give up either. If the person you are trying to reach doesn’t answer, be patient, choose a different activity to help you feel better and call again later. There is no such thing as being too needy to someone who adores you and would like nothing better than for you to realize your own inner greatness of being.

7. Pray About It

Take at least ten minutes out of your day to meditate with God or call out to your Mother of Being. Deep within us we all have a connection to something greater than ourselves. There is a magical umbilical cord that has never been cut that fastens you to the Universe. At the other end of this cord is something beyond our wildest human imaginations that loves you more than you could ever know. If you listen very carefully, there will be an answer to your prayers to release your pain. Look deep within, and when you think you have reached the source of your connection, go deeper still. There a love vibrates with glowing warmth to remind you of how truly incredible you are. When you see and feel this for yourself, no one can take it away from you. Remember how you got there and go there often.


Image | tinybuddha.com


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