The Universe is constantly showering you with gifts. The problem arises when so many of these Divine offerings go unnoticed and are therefore unaccepted. Your Joy Guides are on hand, though, acting as messengers to help correct this problem. They ask you to start counting your blessings, day after day, taking care not to miss any or take them for granted.

Your Joy Guides delight in showering you with gifts, and encourage you to expand your heart’s capacity to receive all that they have to offer. Start each morning by asking them to surprise you with something wonderful during the day; then just before going to bed, list all of the wonderful things they’ve bestowed upon you. See how the list grows longer and stronger each day. Their only request is that you acknowledge these offerings and thank the Divine Mother and Father God for their endless generosity. A message from your Joy Guides: “Open your heart, and expect good things to come.”

Sonia Choquette | Ask Your Guides

Some days we wake up ready to receive the world and some days it is more difficult. Some days we wake up tired, some days we wake up bursting with energy. Sometimes we are simply not in a place to receive these gifts from our Joy Guides, and sometimes we are.

Life is like a train that keeps on going. When we have to step off, we are left standing there in the dust of all the world. Your gifts are being given to you every day regardless. If we can take a moment to write the treasures that the Universe and Spirit are willing to share with us we will never miss an opportunity to redeem these special messages of knowledge that help us get through this thing we call life.

If we write down the gifts that we have been given we can look back on them together and share them with one another. We can see the gifts that have helped us through difficult times and take hold and bask in the riches we were not able to redeem at the time. Either way, we will not miss out on what knowledge has been given for us to understand on a greater level what it means to truly experience our existence and reap the light that is being shed on our daily lives for us to inherit for our eternity.


Artwork | The Gift of the Feather | Bing images


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