Nature Versus Technology
(A story to inspire exercise and where it can happen for all of us.)


Hello my beautiful friends. I have recently returned from a sabbatical that soon became a journey for understanding my balance in life. Though I spent many hours missing the electric and sincere connections we have made, I found that my heart and soul needed time away from the internet. As well, on a personal note, a month ago I dropped 150 lbs by accident, when my thumb slipped from a prior injury that was a sprain, on my chest. As a result, I went and had X-rays taken and found that I had a chest contusion, my ribs. It was incredibly painful, and a setback as I was unable to exercise, (this is the picture that I posted of my ribs, which I have always wanted.) It is just now that I have finally been able to return to my normal routine. I took this as a sign that it was time to make some changes, not with fitness, but how I would experience it and living life.

You may not know this about me. I spend a lot of time on the stair climber at the gym burning, burning, burning. During that time I keep my device with me so that I can make posts and read all of the wonderful things that you have to share. It can be a powerful learning experience, but as I was spending a lot of time recovering it occurred to me that there was something missing from this experience. Nature. I often write about it and spend time climbing buttes and trails on the weekends experiencing many Spirit Animals, but during the week I am in gym mode. So I made a decision to do what I was doing at the gym in nature. Some of this is limiting of course with the weights, but the hiking can be simulated in climbing uphill. This morning I had the most incredible experience hiking up a trail under a pitch black sky with stars all around me as one shot through the heavens. It occurred to me the differences between the gym and nature are monumental and it inspired me to write about Nature Versus Technology.

I love exercise. Nothing can make me feel better than my blood running through my veins and the breath of life moving through me so vigorously. It never really dawned on me yet, in all of my writing, that there was an incredible comparison to make here. I would like to share some of these comparisons with you.

The following is a list of what you will encounter in nature versus the indoors, which includes technology for most of us watching television on the treadmill at the gym or at home.

The ceiling vs the sky, the grass vs the carpet, the television vs the landscape in front of you, someone else’s thoughts vs your own thoughts, the machine beneath your feet vs the earth beneath your feet, fluorescent lighting vs the sun, hand sanitizer and cleaners vs fresh air, people who do not smile and say hello vs walking with a friend or by yourself happily, the columns vs the trees, a person’s story about what they did last night vs a heartfelt conversation with a friend or a rabbit eating, talking vs prayer… the list goes on and on.

While I was away, I encountered many Spirit Animals that came close or even crawled upon me including: Spirit Bee, Spirit Spider (Daddy Long Leg), Spirit Rabbit, Spirit Raccoon, Spirit Deer, Spirit Dragonfly, Spirit Snake, Spirit Sparrow, Spirit Raven (and many, many other birds), all of which we will not find indoors or at the gym.

Though I missed the daily interaction on the internet, I began to ask myself, am I spending too much time in the techno world? I love connecting with others and writing this cannot be true. This is what I have discovered. Taking time away to make discoveries in nature will allow us to share more personal experiences and challenge my writing even more. I am excited to be taking this next step in my journey with you and I hope you will stand beside me. Of course, I will return to the gym to utilize weights of which I cannot find in nature, although… I have been picking up some pretty heavy rocks😆!!

Speaking of rocks, when I am hiking, I like to bring something with me that reminds me of a special moment. Recently I took a piece of rock that had fallen off of the Great Wall of China when I was visiting there with me, to remember running along the wall in the sunlight for motivation. A suggestion… carry a stone or an object that is meaningful with you to remind you of being one with nature and or motivational experiences.

Be well, be safe and know that everyone has been in my thoughts and prayers. I am both thrilled and curious to see what the technological world has been up to. I look forward to the discoveries I will uncover in your worlds, as it has been quite some time. Many blessings and love.



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