Often times we associate the word prosperity with money. Why not? I mean after all doesn’t it mean how much money we have in the bank? Not so. Prosperity is only limited to what we perceive our self worth to be. To be a prosperous person is to have many valuable points in place.

The friends we have around us make us prosperous. The food we have on our tables also means that we are prosperous as does, the roof over our head, our health, our ability to learn and grow and the opportunities we can share with acquaintances, strangers, family, friends and neighbors.

If your personal goal is to acquire a lot of money, this can be done. Many folks have proven this to be true. However, if your personal goal is to be prosperous most likely money will not satisfy this hunger in you. Take a look around and observe what you have to be grateful for. It could be as simple as the floor that you are sleeping on or the bill you just payed to have a lock on your door. Many folks cannot even be grateful for these things due to mental illness, disability and destitution as well as homelessness.

It is good to remind ourselves that prosperity is much more than just having money. Prosperity means having good self worth. If at this time money is not where you would like it to be, work on appreciating the things that remind you of the wonderful qualities that you share and harness that are absolutely priceless. There is no dollar amount that is going to afford the cost of how much your heart is capable of loving. There is no amount of money in any bank that can hug someone the way that your arms can. Furthermore people pay for fancy smiles everyday, but no amount of money can afford the way you can make someone feel when you smile at them.

It is easy to get caught up in our daily routines of do this, do that, pay this, pay that. Don’t worry about what you lost or what you don’t have at this time. Take a moment out today to look around and be grateful for what you do have. This action alone will inspire you to feel good about what you have achieved and inadvertently draw more abundance to you simply by encouraging the spark that reminds you to be excited about who you are and where you are going. You are a prosperous, loving, caring and deserving spirit that is capable of more than you may have ever imagined.


Prosperity Waterfall | Barbara Stirrup


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