How hurtful it can be to deny one’s true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.  ~June Ahern

Living truth means never having to lie about who you are to the world. Imagine a place where you can truly be completely who you are. How would this effect your intentions? How would your intuition grow? How would your attitude change? Would jealousy even exist anymore? What prosperous moments would unfold for you, in time, if you could actually live your truth? The truth that has always been here inside of you.

Living with pure intent means to live with pure truth. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to wake up in the morning without that sinking feeling in your stomach that asks you, “What do I need to do today to repair the damage that I managed to create yesterday.”

There is nothing in this world as we know it that could be considered a greater truth than allowing your spirit to shine and develop the way God intended. To follow your soul path means to follow your truth. Do not deny yourself the opportunities that creation has given you to experience the powerful treasure that your soul keeps for you.

There is a Divine Will that has been in existence beyond our scope of time. This Divine Will has been longing to be accepted by you since the day you were born. Like the Best Friend you have always wished that you had growing up. The friend that was “actually” there for you every moment that you needed, not just when it was convenient for him or her. Your truth was with you all along. When you cried, when you were alone, and even at your darkest moments when you truly believed no one could love you for who you are. Your truth, simply needed you to take it by the hand and say, “It’s finally safe now, you can come out and play.”

Transpire as you are. If you choose to be your authentic self with pure intent, and without harming yourself or others, you will never have to lie about who you are. Starting today, live your truth and love the beautiful, divine truth that you are, and have always been.


Artwork | Girl With Bird | Nik Helbig


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