A word of caution to the individual who has not been remembering dreams. Before using this or any other technique to bring the events of your dreams into conscious memory, consider this. During the eight years I was giving dream workshops, I noted without exception that there was always a reason why a person was not remembering his or her dreams, and by far the most common reason was the same one that caused the individual to stop remembering these dreams in the first place. To put it bluntly the dream content involved something the individual did not want to remember.

The first dream remembered after not remembering dreams is very important. Somewhere within the dream will be whatever it was that the person was trying to forget by shutting off the conscious memory of dreams. So, if a person is not ready to remember what has been chosen to forget, then the following technique should not be used. If you are willing to go forward and face the phantasms of the night, within a week you will be remembering your dreams.

Step One~ Place a pad and pen or pencil by your bed. A device for recording will work nicely too. A light source so you can see to record is recommended as well.

Step Two~ Prepare for sleep. Position yourself comfortably, but not too comfortably. You are about to go through a mental exercise in a state of relaxed awareness.

Step Three~ Progressively relax yourself. For example, tense and relax your feet, breathe relaxation into them. Tense and relax your legs, breathe relaxation into them and so on. Work all the way up your body to the muscles in your face. If you are already relaxed you can skip this step.

Step Four~ Self directed meditation or visualization. This can be done as a guided meditation with a friend too.

Dream Visualization~ Imagine there is an old stone well in a meadow. It’s a beautiful day and you are resting beside the well. On the rim of the well are written the words (The well of ______ ______ unconscious) Put your name in the blanks. Take a few moments to relax into the scene of the meadow, the well, and the beauty of the day.

Next imagine you have a pen and paper. Write the following statements: ‘I ______ ______, now release whatever I need to release and accept whatever I need to accept to remember my dreams now. You, _______ _______, now release whatever you need to release and accept whatever you need to accept to remember your dreams now. He or She _______ _______, now releases whatever he or she needs to release and accepts whatever he or she needs to accept to remember his or her dreams now.’ We can be more successful in programming our unconscious when we address all of the ways it is accustomed to being addressed.

Next it is necessary to sign and date the note you’ve just written. Fold the note up in a small square or crumple it and drop it into the well of your unconscious. Watch the note as it floats down, down, down into the well getting smaller and smaller until it disappears into the darkness of your unconscious.

After the note has disappeared imagine you are in a bed sleeping, then imagine yourself beginning to experience a dream. Make this a simple dream, perhaps a rainbow after a summer storm. Become acutely aware of the vividness of the colors of the rainbow and of your surroundings. Let the smell of the air after the storm come into your awareness. Hear birds singing clearly. Run your hand through the wet grass. Use each of your senses within the dream as keenly as possible. Then imagine yourself waking up from the dream feeling excitement of remembering what you just dreamt. Now imagine yourself recording this dream. Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride for remembering and drift off into a natural sleep. The dream filled sleep of the night. (You may have already done this and that is okay too.)

The first dream that comes to you after you have started on the road to remembering is important to record and work with. I have had great success with opening the heart of my mind into my dreams even though I was currently remembering them with this technique. This meditation effectively deepened the dreaming process for me. This is a wonderful exercise that can be used to understand the elements of yourself that you may be holding back from and also understanding what your relationships with others truly mean to you and for you. I have also used this technique to get closer to my spirit and power animals.

If you want to engage with a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul this is an excellent technique to do so. With practice you will get better and better and perhaps even begin to be in contact with ancestors who have passed that are here to guide you on your soul path.

For many years I have had the pleasure of working with dream interpretation and would be happy to share my knowledge with those of you who are looking for translation. I hope this meditation is helpful to you and I pray that if you choose to do this kind of work that you find it rewarding and beneficial to creating and connecting with your super-conscious self. Through meditation you can grow to become as in touch with your soul as you are pleased to possibly be.

Dreaming with you,

tHE tERRY tREE | Dream Technique | Shawnodese | Dreaming with the Wheel | Artwork | Artist Unknown


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