All the days and all the nights
Human life and spirit lights
At onement with creator we
Reconcile in harmony
I can see your love for God
When you look into my eyes
You can see my love for God
When I look into your eyes
Find your balance in my heart
Reason, Feeling both impart
Healthy walks along souls path
Together we begin to ask
What greatness could of our light be
And with what hath eternity
Loving you sets my soul free
Through loving God, you’re loving me
Know that I belong with you
Our union is our sacred truth
Opening doors rusted shut
Made feeble minds of man because
What earth could teach is trampled on
In ways away from loves soul song
Sealed in friendship, God’s embrace
From ocean shore to outer space
A brilliant auric light enfolds
Our spirits soar becoming whole
One is you and one is me
And one with God makes our love three
Hands of power clasped as one
Our hearts are now aligned as drums
Of beats that welcome wisdom from
Mother Moon and Father Sun
My tree has grown into your tree
Creating limbs of harmony
Your tree has grown into my tree
A heart shaped seat where God can swing

tHE tERRY tREE | Photo | Augureye Express


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