From African and Asian
Ancestral heritages
To knowledge, understanding
Quickly adapting, knowing

Your jaws crack the toughest bones
Likewise expectations crack
Between teeth imposed
In a world being denied
Infecting our pure being

I call on you for strength and
The laughter that you give me
To coexist with life is
Synchronizing light and dark

Communication in dark
With light in places that fool
The original
Pure intent of our soul path
A pathway home to our soul

Misunderstood creature of
Love that cannot find a home
Sometimes alone you wander
Solitude can resurrect

Instincts become heightened when
Misconceived behaviors are
Interpreted with
Fear and contempt viewed spirit
Perplexed witchcraft creates fear

Equally male and female
You guide us to be balanced
Demanding respect
For powerful secrets of
What power can be used for

Guarding the sacred groves of
Graves of thought holding us back
Boundaries run wildly
Singing ones soul song unique
Unparalleled canticle

Devour and digest the
Carcass of life around me
Meditating on
Cultivating discipline
Clear eyes, Clear mind, Enlightened

Patience, perseverance, strength
Frustrated moments clever
Unaffected by
Small minded behaviors that
Know not what they do, Selfish

Fast whoops, grunts, growls and giggles
Assist to make it through life
Free from serious
Your disturbed manner is an
Energy of solace play

Cooperating value
Summoned spirit empower
Backbone to succeed
With laughter and amusement
Hilarious disaster

With this we can move faster
Adversity put past hurt
Glow radiantly
In the sun God created
Intended to gleam our coats

Head up facing the world we
Are reinforced Divinely
Universal life
Break through the mold of control
Responding with clarity

Hilarity Hyena
Run with me in laughter please
Friend of fields scavenged
Adversity calmed with ease
Prayer and light to fight disease


Photo | Hyena | Christian Meermann


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