The delicate dance of the bee
Is one that watches over me
I have for my whole life loved the
Bee of honey, Bee of honey

A symbol of resurrection
Born of the tears of Ra god-sun
Dropping to earth, a solar one
Many do run, Many do run

If not that it had wings and song
Distilling honey all day long
The bee would be completely wrong
To buzz along, To buzz along

Power between Heaven and Earth
A vital principal rebirth
Incarnate to the soul of worth
Rident with mirth, Rident with mirth

A symbol of poetic mind
For Pindar and Plato did find
Upon their lips the bee did climb
Cradled sublime, Cradled sublime

An emblem of the soul and word
Believers of all sects have heard
Of Priestesses your names incurred
With flights transferred, with flights transferred

As I inscribe these words it seems
You’ve always been with me in dreams
Protecting me with loving beams
Awakenings, Awakenings

The Holy Spirit symbolized
Your drink hath been immortalized
Nobel nature from paradise
Of love comprised, Of love comprised

Endowed with fire pure in soul
Aerodynamically you’re whole
Prosperity points to your goal
Ready to go! Ready to go!

With open eyes I walk in light
Your spirit guides me to decide
Which way is wrong, Which way is right
I trust your guide, I trust your guide

tHE tERRY tREE | Photo | Artist Unknown


2 thoughts on “Spirit Bee

  1. Wonderful Geino,

    You are so very talented, I love everything you write. Keep going. You are bringing thoughtfulness and happiness to so many lives every day.


    Yvette Ramirez Ammerman
    Associate Director, Western Operations
    National Association of Community Health Centers
    1013 Richmond SE
    Albuquerque, N.M. 87106
    ph (505) 252-0872
    website: http://www.SaveOurCHCs.org and NACHC.com
    website: (ViP) CommunityHealthVentures.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yammerman

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