Chakra Tree

Within the belly of a
Forest full of chakra trees all singing
Lives a light that stirs inside
The navel nest
In the beaks of many birds
Are the twigs of these bright chakra trees caught
Plume from crest of treetop brought
With mud and rest
Wheeling is the cycle of
An inner lightness of pure being up
Seedling stirs from root chakra
Energy flows
Traveling with steady rise
From base of spine with blithesome beam and glow
Climbing to the sacral point
Roots become trunk
Solar plexus opening
A doorway to receive by turning knob
Bloodline fire burns from gut
Speaking Sanskrit
Unconditional healing
From venter moving center towards the heart
Pulsing xylem childlike flare
Leaves and limbs sprout
Creating perch for chirping
A call of love from song with spark to throat
Intrinsic stream of sap swells
Ripples and runs
Heartwood supports forehead eye
Third of psychic wisdom bark of brow stem
Ability to see grows
Into the crown
One thousand leaves blow warmly
With multi-colored sway wind winds and chimes
As crescent moon sits swing like
Above tree-line
As soul is to the chakra
A woodland of nirvana chlorophyll
Spills into the spirit cells
Absorbing light
Visualizing golden streams
Sunlit rays and moonlit dreams expanding
Force of life Mother Divine
Birch-bark cradle
Tree of life inside of me
Chakras swaddled spinning spiral seedling
Inspiring roots and grounding

Poetry | tHE tERRY tREE | Artwork | Quinn


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