Born in light on earth arrived
A comet kissed from stardust bright
Hands and feet begin to form
Heartbeat is so strong and warm
Flesh becomes what daylight was
Messenger of heavens love
Learning how to generate
Giving thanks for gifts so great
Palms and fingers touch to heal
Humbled now we fall to kneel
Our minds can hardly comprehend
The magic of our power and
Our eyes are prayers to all who see
Erasing sadness smiling
Stronger than we ever knew
No reaction to argue
Journey out from day to day
Walking along soul paths way
Protect us from what darkness wants
Protect us from what evil hunts
Empower us with rocket rays
That penetrate dark hurtful hate
Quietly we shine like suns
Our halos glow and black hearts run
An orb of light surrounds us now
Projecting love with blessings bow

tHE tERRY tREE | Artwork | Artist Unknown


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