Can I let go of this?
I have been carrying this weight for so long
I need it to find its way away from home from me
Looking into the piercing darkness
I know not yet if it will go
Asking it to do so
I found you on the other side
Of this sticky ravine
The breach against my pain
The hinge I failed to gain along the way
Breaking open
I can feel the core of my soul
This tornado of absurd anguish
Hanging heads to Bangladesh
And back for centuries
Life falling off and on again
The tracks of my mental manipulation
Self imposed gusts of trivial winds
That evaporate the last left breath
For which there was no therapy
Inside of me
Through you I see a vortex
A spirit driven choice that
Opens up a door for me
From what accusing eyes and
Lips of stories lied
Left floating in a crippled pool
Of battered consciousness
Deceitfully devised
Watch this storm of sadness rise
With me will you accompany
Funnel through the madness
Of despair to freedom
From the curse of twisting words
Into wrong verse
My eyewitness My beholder
As we grow older together
Our backs against the grass
The stream of light above
Against the natural dams of dirt
Watch the heavens clash with me
Resting our heads ever so gently
In natures bed as we observe
The wretchedness inside this
Burning chest extend itself
Like fireworks
An ancient pocket filled of torture
Rockets far beyond us up into a star
Where it explodes and shoots across
The midnight black sky
A quiet humming rumbles by
A no longer numbing
Shaking rockabye
Beneath our both
The earth below us
Tiny quakes, their beats
Confirm our fate
A lucid rebirth
Flawless courage


Artwork | Artist Unknown


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