Oh great spirit how you guide me
Oh great spirit stand beside me
Walking me through moonlit paths
Until the dawn reveals the grass
Resting with you day and night
Your courage opens up my sight
I am your child, I am your friend
You are grandfather grounding me
You are grandmother sing with me
With pulsing hums you give us strength
You teach us how to love our way
Along the coast of disarray
Through life with flawless courage we
Are grounding purpose to believe
In dreams and in reality
The power of your healing coat
Our fingers combing through devote
Our journey to become as one
Oh Spirit Bear you bring us love
A meadow filled with radiant sun
Within our hearts within our minds
In you may we always find
A place of rest for all mankind
Teaching us to learn to trust
With sturdy back you carry us
Every step we take we honor you
Balance, safety, comfort, solitude


Photo | Artist Unknown


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