Even when I say I love you
I can’t tell you how I feel
Are you thinking the same thing?
What I’m thinking
When we go away from here,
When dinner ends
& the vinyl spins relentlessly
Something you couldn’t find words for?

Definitions for non-verbal speech
Speak, I wish to speak
I command myself to leap
I meditate to keep
The little bit that reassures
How close you feel to me
& so I kneel, here in my sleep
I pray to seek
To dream the quiet words
That you deserve to hear
How your beauty’s impact
On the world has weighed in
& on me, stayed within
For yourself,
I hope that you will see
& look at me
To be reminded of
The silent chills
Your soul
So sweetly breathes

To count the miles
Just how far
Can we keep going?
Will there ever be a slowing?
Should we answer the unknowing?

A toothbrush twice a day
To cleanse our sins away
Is this a crime?
Will I do time?
For this offense
Is there a fine?

Emotions scratch at my tear ducts
When I know how I want to be
With you
They tug at my left ear
And then my right
How can I question my eyesight?

My inner vision strengthens me
Depth perception endlessly
Begins arousing breathlessly
Eager intent for you to see
Into my spirit, in such a wake
Heaven and earth
Make no mistake

May the Goddess draw your bridge
Allow what light invites to kiss
As sun and moon dance on our lips
Expose your castle to the truth
Caress such walls of bitter youth
Even when I say I love you

Terry Tree

Painting | Acrylic | Dream Love | Miki De Goodaboom

Dream Love Painting

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