Even as you wish for death
You wish for life
The magic utterance
Of something greater
Than tonight

This kind of talk
Leads to reception
And the work of incoming calls
Withstanding falls
Signing agreements
To be sold for
What you’re worth

If only you knew
Just how much
But even so
To still afford
The cost of life
Aside from death
Gives no incline
To what the fee
For afterlife
Upon its rest
Departing nature
Will decide

You are beautiful

Revealed by stealth
Intrepid gaze
To bare the minimum
Repays the most expensive
Taste your spirit can afford

Each time I walk into your room
I find a different piece of you
There were parts of you in corners
That I’ve never seen before!

I am warm with humor

To know your spirit
Is to dance in the laughter
Of pure sunlight

Terry Tree

Giclee Print | Sundance | John Peyton


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