On regal cuffs
But not
On waters
Though they fly
They mean
Much more
Like hearts
That swarm
In warm
And bold
The eyes
Of lovers
You’ve seen
Perhaps you’ve
Been one
Perhaps you know
What it could be
To mean to
Read one
When it lands
On the end
Of your
Sweet tongue
Perhaps all
Pain would
Come undone
Would your
Breath sigh?
Push out a cry?
Unanswered why?
Request the
Underlined letter
That was sent
When you were
Born to make
Your heart
Un-fragile for
A moment less
Even at best
Though it could
Rest quickly
On wings
That fly & flutter freely
With support
More than you know
Four could reward
A grateful
Moving sword
That gleams in light
In sight
Morning and night
Wise in mind and
Quick in adoration
Tightly held on to
By many
Freed by nature
Still in adventure
Will the two
To gather in
A love song’s view
As the dragonfly
Soars through

Terry Tree

Painting | Watercolor | Aqua Dragonfly | Gladys Folkers


2 thoughts on “Dragonfly

    • W.O.W. (with out words) How incredible. A day of sending you good vibes followed by a spirit link connected through a beautiful dragonfly in art and poetry that landed permanently over your heart for protection. The Universe, Nature and the Mother Spirit of All Being never ceases to amaze. We are blessed and fortunate in our connections…

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