The Angels reach our hearts and souls through our eyes and ears. The angels are messengers, emissaries from heaven, and they bring us their messages in many ways and guises. Our lives often change through what might be considered events of chance or coincidence. People may appear unexpectedly, bringing gifts of wisdom, friendship, opportunity or help. We may open a book or switch on the TV or radio at random to a passage or situation or song lyric that directly applies to something we’re currently experiencing. Remember that the angels work through synchronicity, and that if we remain open, not closed, to all possibilities, we may receive their messages of insight, love and hope through virtually any channel of earthly communication. All we have to do is keep on watching and listening. Can you recall instances in your life in which you may have received a message from the angels? Have certain people entered and exited your life suddenly, for what almost appears to be a specific purpose? Have you ever been inexplicably saved from a tragedy or dangerous situation? Begin to pay closer attention to incidents that you might have previously attributed to chance or coincidence, and be open to new thoughts, insights and information. It just might be the angels trying to reach you. Daily Meditation: I am aware of and open to all sources of help, guidance and information. I allow my good sense and intuition to help me decide which ones are for my highest good. ~Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

Photo | MGB Designs

angel boy

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