The sun is always shining, and God is always loving. Omnipresent means all-present or present everywhere at the same time, met with constantly. God and the angels are thought to be omnipresent . Our selves are omnipresent to us, because everywhere we go we are met with our selves. We carry baggage with us everywhere. Some of it probably isn’t necessary for every trip we take; on the spiritual path it is best to travel light. Love is omnipresent; you will find it wherever you go if you train yourself to look for it beyond your reactions. As soon as you are truly willing to see and feel without a doubt in your heart, you will find that the angels are present everywhere, especially in the beauty of nature. What does everywhere really mean? How can there be an everywhere? If you want to play with an abstract concept, think about this: everywhere is really nowhere, no space. Daily Meditation: Everywhere I go I will be present to myself.

~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

Hearts Everywhere

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