Instead of trying to make a relationship work, let it evolve. The degree of satisfaction in our relationships depends on how willing we are to let them evolve at their own pace, in their own way. Often without even realizing it we base our relationships on a set of preconceptions and expectations that demand conformity instead of embracing uniqueness. As a result instead of manifesting reality, relationships become the illusory projections of our own dreams and fears. We fall in love and try to make the other person conform to our ideal of the perfect mate. We map out sensible paths for our children to follow and are disillusioned when they choose instead to live their own lives. We give advice to friends and are hurt when they don’t take it. The angels remind us that a relationship is not an inanimate lump of clay that we can mold to our specifications but is rather a living, breathing, ever-changing entity in its own right. A relationship needs freedom and space in order to grow and mature. What sort of relationship do you cultivate in your life? Do you allow others the right to be themselves? Do you allow yourself to be yourself? Do you try to control the direction of a relationship, or do you enjoy the delights and surprises the relationship brings? Daily Meditation: I respect the uniqueness of every relationship in my life.  ~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

Painting | Acrylics-Board | Moments of Intertwinement | Anders Tomlinson


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