Moderation affords us the mental and physical stamina necessary to live life to the fullest. When older people are asked their secret to a long life, their most frequent answer is that they have always done things in moderation. Consciously or not, these people understood and respected an important truth; that because many of the body’s systems work within limits, moderation is an essential protective mechanism. We need food, water, air, sunshine, exercise, play, rest and work to survive; yet each one of these done in excess puts stress on our bodies, which in turn blocks creative energies and endangers the overall health and well being. Moderation may not be a fashionable philosophy; excessiveness has always been seen as more daring and alluring. But in order for the divine intelligence of the universe to to flow freely through us, we must respect our physical and mental limits. The angels encourage us to enjoy but not overindulge in life’s pleasures, while always keeping its pains in perspective. We often respond to stress by doing the very things that create more stress. Instead of resting, eating sensibly, or meditating, we might push ourselves, eat too much sugar, drink alcohol, smoke, or seek out other stimulants that give us temporary comfort. Think about your own response to stress, and ask the angels to give you suggestions for practicing moderation in a creative and life-enhancing way. Daily Meditation: through moderation I achieve a sense of mental and physical balance and harmony. ~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain with The Terry Tree

Painting via | blog.sciencemusings.com


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