Your relationship with the angels is very promising. A promise is a declaration assuring that you will not do something. In these changing times, we have to be careful what we promise ourselves. What really holds promise- the ranting of commercials, the big talk of people, or the promises of God? God has promised us the chance to make our lives worth something while we are here. God has promised that there will always be beauty to feed our souls. Promises from people may wither and fail, but the promises of God stand true forever. Think about what God promises to you personally. Are you willing to accept and to trust in God’s promises? Do you feel the future is promising or threatening to your evolution? Do you believe there is a promised land? Are there any guarantees that this life isn’t just a big joke? Think about what you promised yourself long ago before you entered the Earth plane. Be easy on yourself. You are a promising star rising to shine before others. Daily Meditation: God has promised me beauty, hope, joy and angelic protection to guide me in all ways on earth. I promise to accept these gifts freely. ~Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth CrainPainting | Entering the Promised Land | Darius Gilmont


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