I am the lone wolf
I am the black sheep
Forever Yours to keep

I am walking
On the mountains of Your back
I am wading
Through the steams of Your tears
I am soaring
Through the clouds of Your thoughts
We are the dream
That You dreamt for the stars to enlighten

For the sun to guide
For the moon to gleam
Through the darkness of life
I must receive

I am Your wolf that was led astray
From the family I was born unto
Taking care of as a member of
The relatives on this planet
That You have given birth to

My love is for everyone and everything
Every plant, every animal, every element

Through You
I am sharing the power of strength
Through You
I shine a light to believe in
This light is behind the love in my eyes
Sent by You

Only knowing You by vibration
Only aware of You by feelings
You send through me
A healing so that others may receive
What could not
Be received

I am the dead end
Of new light

I am Your giver of love to rejection
Because You love me
I am Your hope for life
Because You believe in living for me
I am forgiven when nothing
Wants to forgive

I am a lone wolf
My earthly family gave up
A humble sacrifice so that I could
Show the world how much
Your love could

I am the lone wolf
I am the black sheep
Forever Yours to keep


Wolf horizon

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