I have no sense I make no sense
That can prove Your existence
But my love

When I was just a tiny ocean
In the hurricane of my parents
You came to me

I cried to keep them together
But my mother’s words
And my father’s hands
Could not befriend

You blessed me with two earthly
God parents filled with love
To watch over me

When they could not be there
You placed Your loving arms
Around me

Even in my tears I was never alone
You have given me the gift
Of forgiveness
And home

Although I wanted to save the fire
Between my father and mother
You loved me in the absence
Of their love for one another

I have had so much to understand
And let go of in separation
You are my angel
My elation

I knew You before I was given birth
I know You so well I can hear
The sound of Your

What You have given me my parents
Could never give and Your love
Has taught me how
To love them
And to live

Heavenly Father, Mother, Beloved God
And Friend, I will love You and begin
Each day I have with You

Every morning, every evening
Every moment, every end



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