Breath by Breath

In the whispers of Your stars
In the glow of Your voice
Humming radiance in my heart
Beaming far and wide
Through every part
Of my eternal

I feel You growing like a flower
I am tapping into Your ancient memory
Like blue corn in the dust of my ancestors
This is the resilience of a dream
The earth is dreaming of You
My reverence is
Your trust

I close my eyes and I reveal
Vibrations of love surrounding us all
I know the melody like it was
Something I have been singing
Before I was born
The incarnation
Of Your love

Plucking the strings of harp-strung constellations
Witness the resonance within the
Harmonium that breaks the
Current of Your ocean
On the back of my
Body like wings

When I tune into Your breathing
The sound of Your rhythm is no different
Than the beating of my pulse
Through my blood I find You course
Into my spine and out into
The universe

With every breath I am closer to You
Time is of no consequence and irrelevant
Wading for hours in Your pool of love
Is only five minutes spent on earth
My evolution is this eternal
Rebirth in You

My breath is Your breath now
My heart is Your heart now
My voice is Your voice now
My love is Your love now

At the end of every breath I take
Is a new beginning with You
And together we paint
The world


Flower flowered

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