You Are

I give my heart to You
You who commands the tide
I give my life to You
You who stands on either side
I give my everything to You
You who will never hide
From me

I watch You in every sunrise
You who I cannot see
I feel You in every tear cried
You who I cannot touch
I know You in every footstep
You who I cannot prove
But with my love

I am in You with all things that You are
I can drink You in like the ocean
The mountains, the universe, the stars
I can breathe Your wind through
My spirit over all and every part
The bears, the forest, the earth
My beating heart

With everything that I am I am Yours
Everything that You give me I share
With Your world around me
With every pain and every joy
My hands are Yours to heal
From the most ancient times

For everything I cannot understand
You are the answer
For every second guess I make
You are the next gift

Many speak of You in different ways
Many have lost their lives
In their love for You
Whatever You call yourself
I call on You

Make unto me Your will
I will follow through
Illuminate my skill
I will trust in You

You are the echo in my soul
Before anything was
Ever spoken
You are the ink on my skin
Before anything is
Ever written

You are the core
Of my everything


Spirit Light

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